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Cumulative corticosteroid dose calculator

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The calculator CORTISER+ (hereinafter, the “Calculator”) is owned by the Sociedad Española de Reumatología (hereinafter, “SER”) and any reproduction and/or use of the Calculator is hereby authorized subject to specific attribution to SER. The Calculator is intended to be used by any health care professional duly registered on our platform after providing his/her e-mail, healthcare centre and country (hereinafter the “Professional”). This Calculator only provides general and structured information and should only be used as a guide; it does not and cannot be considered a substitute for an actual consultation, treatment, therapy or medical or clinical prescription, nor can it serve as a substitute for a treatment, diagnosis, therapy or supervision by the Professional. It is intended to be used as a guide and should not serve or be used as the exclusive framework for the Professional to make decisions about the treatment and therapy provided to their patients, nor does it replace the Professional's criteria. The Professional guarantees the veracity, any corrections and the accuracy of the data included in the calculator when these are to be used for research purposes. SER may use the data from the Professional's record in an aggregate and anonymous manner for statistical and internal purposes.